Share your thoughts as you want
Democracy is a great human achievement. Snowden protects your right to say what you want in social networks. No more facebook censors, express yourself and share your thoughts as you want!
Chrome extension. Compartible with Mac OS and Linux (Windows will be added later)
Say goodbye to Big Brother
Every day thousand of facebook validators check you messages and decide which things you could share and which are not. Say decide what you could say and what not.

With snowden your messages are private and could be read by selected people.
Keep your privacy with smile
Snowden encodes your posts with smiles, so nobody could ever claim you. All your friends could read "between the lines", and you could manage persmissions online!
Easy to use and to install
Snowden is chrome extenstion which could be simple added and used all time.
The concern of the vzbv: Out of fear of completely unclear liability rules many contents will disappear in the net. Dubious content, so-called fake news, on the other hand, will find it even easier to spread on the internet in the future
Klaus Mรผller, Executive Director of The Federation of German Consumer Organisations
Our clients love us
It's private and free forever. Start use it know
ยฉ 2019, Mikhail Lazarev
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